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New Neva collection from the Belgian factory Omexco

This collection has been developed by the Belgian factory together with our company, and it is named in after the river on which the city of St.-Petersburg is sitiated. Allow yourself to be bewitched by a charm of Neva. Cloths combine the beauty of classical motives with various effects of stamping and modern colors.

Classical drawings (damascus, strips, arabesques) are printed on a silky viscose; and are combined with very elegant and always actual single-color cloths.

The color scale starts with shades of a cold river brown, gray-dark blue and then turns to warmer ones cream, golden; there are pearl-white, grand red and nephrite-green shades Metal stamping adds special shine to some textures.

The wall-covering made in the thread-to- thread technique has good light resistance, is harmless and is covered by special composition against pollution. Wall-coverings can be used for furnishing of river and sea-crafts.